King Street Studios "Blog"
Charleston’s Luxury Boutique Photography Studio


King Street Studios launched their boutique style studio in 2008 in the Noisette art district of Charleston. Catering to discerning clients who only expect the best in artistic and contemporary photography. Reese Allen and Todd Surber believe that beautiful, editorial and cinematic style imagery creates the most visually compelling and sensitive story of an event.

Todd Surber relocated to Charleston in 2006 after years in LA and traveling the world on assignment photographing & touring with rock stars. It was during this time he refined his talent for creating emotionally dramatic images. Todd believes that event photography is about capturing the moment that forever leaves the viewer and the subject with the memory of the magic in that experience. He feels the images that come from those times will help people carry with them those memories so the feelings will never fade.

Reese Allen began his career in photography with a converted garage darkroom and a bathtub as a print washer. Following years of fine art black & white and color printing, he began professional fashion, advertising and editorial photography from New York to Miami.

During this time, he developed his innate sense of composition, technical lighting skills and passion for portrait and wedding photography. Reese believes that the portrait and wedding choices available to the contemporary couple lacked the sense of style and vision seen in the magazines and fashion pages. He continues to shoot editorial and advertising assignments throughout the world.


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